I Painted Famous Cartoon Characters Before Their Morning Coffee!

Hi there! I painted zany portraits of famous cartoon characters before they’ve had their caffeine fix in the morning. We all know somebody who looks like this in the early hours of the day…

I had a series that went viral back in 2011 where I depicted Nintendo characters as hipsters, but never truly nailed down a schedule to keep people entertained through my art and I took some time off for work and real life and I never thought I would ‘like’ sharing on social media. In 2016 I decided to stop being lazy and started to post a lot of new content on my social media accounts which quickly saw an incredible bunch of followers gather together to laugh about my art.

I encourage everybody with a desire to create, to share their art on a regular basis and to try to challenge yourself to make something each day that you can share with the world – because that’s what makes the world such a special place. I’ll see you out there!1909700_826605230794763_4788834693638490834_n-576cffc90c8c1__880 12321498_827520310703255_290597673378292906_n-576cffd12759b__880 12472288_830858293702790_7572193953031081179_n-576cffd4de0a1__880 12592515_829260850529201_249106090350422938_n-576d0097e19ff__880 12718085_834937349961551_70498258288465388_n-576d009c6f069__880

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