Artist Illustrates Her Long Distance Relationship Struggles And Joys!

Webcomic creator and digital artist Tabby, from Illinois, knows the pain of being in a long distance relationship all too well. Slice of Life, a webcomic drawn over a year about her long distance boyfriend, documented the highs and lows of a life apart, but only recently made Internet headlines when it was shared on Imgur. Now, Tabby is back with a new project.

“My goal is to create a comic, starting at 2x a week and working up to 5x a week, for an entire year,” Tabby writes on Patreon. “Not only will this continue to push me as an artist, but it will again be a way of documenting this new chapter in my life. Slice of life comics have always been appealing to me, they open up lives of the creators to the readers and allow us all to connect to each other. And as an artist, that is what I want to be able to do – connect to people.”

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Check out Tabby’s webcomic below, and upvote the comic that best captures that long distance feeling!long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-1-574c1c3f9eba0__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-8-574c1bfded3ba__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-11-574c1c05e96da__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-13-574c1c0a29ccf__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-14-574c1c0c31a6e__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-19-574c1c19d849f__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-20-574c1c1cba1d5__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-22-574c1c2424c81__700 (1) long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-22-574c1c2424c81__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-23-574c1c27a37f1__700 long-distance-relationships-comics-illustrations-tabby-28-574c1c3910597__700

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