Behind The Leather: PETA Surprises Shoppers With Fake Leather Accessories!

Some people tend to turn a blind eye to animal suffering when it comes to buying leather goods. Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok and PETA Asia teamed up to change this attitude. They opened a fake pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls and put seemingly ordinary luxury leather goods on display. However, they had a terrifying secret inside.

The inside of the bags, shoes, wallets, and other items was the ultimate definition of gore. They contained fake animal flesh, blood, one bag even had a beating heart. Unsuspecting shoppers jumped back in horror, gasping for breath. That’s what you call a wake-up call!behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-16 behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-14 behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-15 behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-9 behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-1 behind-leather-bag-anti-animal-cruelty-campaign-peta-asia-2

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