Anorexic Celebrities: Artists Photoshop Celebrity Bodies To Spread Awareness About Anorexia!

The worth 1000 sites (closed in January) and Freaking News make photoshop contests and always with issues related to celebrities.

I selected some images of a contest, where the theme was celebrity weight loss. “Let us help prevent anorexia from spreading among celebrities and politicians, by showing them what they would look like if they were anorexic”- wrote Freaking News in the description of the competition.

The creations for the contest were shocking yet amazing.Anorexic-Celebrities-5721b6c7c4f5f__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-5721ba166bb1e__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-5721ba1388d03__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-57215b71b226c__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-57215d9e309e4__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-572158da4bcd2__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-572158fd78185__880 Anorexic-Celebrities-5721588ee5b12__880

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