Artist’s paintings of food are so realistic they’ll make your mouth water!

New Zealand-born, UK-based artist Joël Penkman combines her love of food and painting to create astoundingly realistic (and delicious looking) works of art.

Mashable spoke with Penkman to learn more about the inspiration behind her food-inspired semi-photorealistic and contemporary still-life paintings.

After finishing her degree in Graphic Design at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Art, Penkman moved to the UK where she worked as a graphic designer for six years before freelancing and painting.

Though Penkman does not exclusively paint food, she shared, “I do like the familiarity of food as a subject, it is something everyone can relate to. It can hold memories, tell stories, explore national and local identity, and make us hungry. It is a fun, playful subject that makes people smile.”krispykremedozen happy-birthday-cake_670 IMG_1396 nobbly-bobblys brit-food1

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