Little Girl Forgets Her Stuffed Bunny At Hotel, Staff Takes It On Adventure!

When Adare Manor Hotel’s staff in Ireland found a lost bunny, they decided to have a little fun. They shared its photo on Facebook captioned “I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor.” It went viral, so they decided to treat the bunny with 5-star service.lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-5 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-7 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-8 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-9 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-51 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-53 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-54 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-55 lost-bunny-hotel-adventures-adare-manor-56

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