This Seattle Gas Station Has The Funniest Signs Ever!

If you were looking for a sign, Wallingford Sign is the one. Each week it provides you a new joke or a witty observation. Isn’t it a puntastic idea?

This funny initiative was started by Seattle Propane at Wallingford Chevron. In 2005 an auto repair shop was converted into an ExtraMile convenience store. The owners say, that it had always been “easy to think of useful messages to put on the sign for things like service promotions and store specials and the like”, but they wanted to do something different with it. And so they did.funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-54__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-59__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-62__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-65__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-66__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-69__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-72__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-73__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-74__880 funny-signs-gas-station-wallingford-chevron-seattle-propane-77__880

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