Barefoot Series Turns Bodily Extremities Into Fleshy Footwear!

My Name is Jyo John Mulloor and I bring imaginations to life. Barefoot is such an imagination on its way to reality!

The only thing that has bothered me about wearing shoes is its comfort. Rarely I would find a pair that would be really comfortable.

Still it does feel that you are wearing something that is not a part of you. I always wanted a shoe that would make me feel I am barely wearing one. Thus the idea for Barefoot came to existence.

I can really see this going forward. Soon we may have body implants that will replace our barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-16__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-17__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-18__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-19__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-20__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-21__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-22__880 barefoot-series-turns-bodily-extremities-into-fleshy-footwear-23__880

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