Babies with Down’s Syndrome Pose For Adorable Charity Photoshoot!

Eight-month-old Eliza and fourteen-month-old Jorja kindly agreed to pose for this adorable photoshoot to raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome as well as funds for the Down’s Syndrome Association. The project was organized by midwives in Leicestershire who also partook in the bare-all photoshoot. The aim was to show that there’s nothing to hide about Down’s Syndrome, and as you can see, they took that mission very seriously!

Down’s Syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. Most people have 46 but a baby with Down’s Syndrome has 47, and this can affect the way their body develops. The Syndrome is named after British doctor John Langdon Down, who first fully described the condition in 1866.babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-1 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-2 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-5 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-6 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-7 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-8 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-10 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-11 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-12 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-13 babies-downs-syndrome-awareness-charity-calendar-16

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