Rumors Confirmed: Benedict Cumberbatch Is An Otter!

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is known not only for his amazing role in Sherlock but also for his resemblance to…otters. Websites like Benedict vs Otters and Red Scharlach have been collecting evidence for quite some time now, and the actor himself had no other choice but to finally accept it on theGraham Norton Show.

During the show, the host showed Cumberbatch various photos of otters and asked him to match their poses which he did. Being a good sport, our beloved Sherlock provided us with some awfully cute pictures to look at during those rainy days.

“Is this a casting for my next role as an otter?,” Cumberbatch joked. Then again, he did punch a Teddy Bear in the face a lot of times, so maybe we shouldn’t ask him to imitate an otter anytime soon.benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger1__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger6__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger16__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger17__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger19__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger20__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger21__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger22__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger23__605 benedict-cumberbatch-otter-lookalike-doppelganger24__605

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