Controversial Illustrations By Polish Artist Reveal The Darker Side Of Modern Society!

Polish illustrator, artist, and co-owner of Morski Studio Graficzne Igor Morski creates surreal images imbued with hidden meaning. He graduated with honors from the Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty at the State Higher School of Fine Art in Poznań, and worked for public broadcasting in the 80s and 90s, before finally pursuing a career in press illustration. Morski opened his own studio in 1995.

Morski explains how his time working at Wprost magazine inadvertently led him to a surrealist style: “This, I must admit, made a great impression, because people were not familiar with Photoshop, and many illustrations were taken literally, as if what was shown in the illustration was really true. This was especially true of photomontages with politicians. The fact that since then I have worked on photographic material has caused realism to appear in my work. The mere fact of depicting everything upside down has made me a surrealist.”surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-3-570de3427677c__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-4-570de3448bd74__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-11-570de354c7516__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-16-570de2dad347d__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-17-570de2dd4545d__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-19-570de2e1a2c3f__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-20-570de2e4320fb__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-21-570de2e74a429__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-29-570de2fc02c87__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-31-570de301e53b8__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-36-570de30f226a2__880 surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-44-570de324e1470__880

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