NFL Player Adopts A Pit Bull And They Both Can’t Stop Smiling!

Cleveland Browns’ Terrel Watson came back from the gym only to find his best friend dead. His beloved dog Koda had passed away. Sad and lonely, Watson decided to give another dog a chance at life. The next day, he adopted a 2-year-old pit bull Dexter (ex. Declan) and the two haven’t stopped smiling ever since!

“I woke up this morning and my apartment was too quiet and there was no one to wake me up this morning having to go to the bathroom,” writes Watson on his Instagram. “So today I went to [City Dogs Cleveland] and adopted this loving, playful boy, joyful boy! Meet Dexter my new best friend.”nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-3 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-5 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-6 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-7 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-8 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-9 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-10 nfl-player-adopts-pit-bull-smiling-dog-selfie-declan-terrell-watson-13

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