Cat Spotted Regularly Taking Subway In Tokyo All By Himself!

While the Tokyo subway system might seem confusing for many, this cat laughs at them all. The smart feline has been spotted taking the city’s Seibu Ikebukuro Line at least several times. And he seems so cool about it! No map needed.

People have been noticing the unusual passenger since at least 2013. Of course, it’s not entirely clear that it’s the same cat, although they look pretty much the same. Other passengers have also noted his excellent subway etiquette – he always tries to make himself as compact as possible (except for an occasional cat nap which doesn’t seem to bother anyone). Cuteness must be his ticket!cat-rides-subway-seibu-ikebukuro-line-tokyo-1-605x629 cat-rides-subway-seibu-ikebukuro-line-tokyo-5-605x607 cat-rides-subway-seibu-ikebukuro-line-tokyo-7-605x607 cat-rides-subway-seibu-ikebukuro-line-tokyo-9-605x418 cat-rides-subway-seibu-ikebukuro-line-tokyo-13-605x604

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