Boy’s Parents Said No To Getting A Dog, So He Got An Alpaca Instead!

13-year-old Matt from Australia wanted a dog badly but his parents didn’t allow him to get one. They gave him an alpaca instead. It may be hard to believe but it turned out to be the best decision ever! Matt and his 2-year-old Chewy are now inseparable.

“Chewy surprises us many days with his quirky ways,” Matt’s mom says. “He can be very stubborn and persistent when he really wants to be and has his own very definite style in communicating his needs, wants and moods. He is very protective of family members and  responsive in showing support when one of us, in particular, Matt, is distressed. I can only recall one situation when Matt was upset that his pet baby turtle had passed and Chewy came inside to where Matt was and sat next to him the whole time. Like he sensed what was going on and wanted to support Matt.

“Chewy visits the alpaca farm he came from once a year in December where is shorn, has his nails and teeth checked and is is vaccinated if need be,” the mom added. “Chewy is a great pet Alpaca, not necessarily better than dogs but I would say he is low maintenance in contrast to some other  pets.”pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-1 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-2 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-5 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-8 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-9 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-10 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-13 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-14 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-16 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-19 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-23 pet-alpaca-chewy-chewpaca-matt-24

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