Blind Elephant Cries Over Her Dead Soulmate, Won’t Let People Bury Her!

A few days ago, an elephant named Mae Perm passed away of old age, leaving her blind younger friend Jokia behind. Mae Perm was Jokia’s eyes as well as her source of love and confidence for the last 17 years. Her best friend helped her to forget the unimaginable abuse working in the illegal logging industry for many decades before she was rescued by Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

“We found it is so difficult to take Mae Perm body to bury, because Jokia stood to protect her and would not let us to take the body of her best friend away,” writes ENP’s Lek Chailert. “She stood over her for almost 6 hours, touching and nudging and leaning against the lifeless body of Mae Perm. When we managed [to take the body away] she shown such grief crying and moaning all the time. She refused to eat only seeking for her best friend…From today we will do everything we can to help her though this most difficult time for her.”blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-1 blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-3 blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-5 blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-8 blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-9 blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-10a blind-elephant-cries-dead-friend-mae-perm-jokia-11

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