I Like To Imagine That We Share Our World With Giants!

This is Meera Latkar here from Mumbai. I am an ordinary 23 year old girl from Mumbai with the exception of being the mother of Giants.

I like to imagine that we share our world with giants that are not very different from us… just big, very big.i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants__880 i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants-2__880 i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants-3__880 i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants-4__880 i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants-5__880 i-like-to-imagine-that-we-share-our-world-with-giants-6__880

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