Someone Is Missing From The Rocking Chair!

More than 2 million dogs live in Hungary, tens of thousands of which live in animal shelters and dog pounds, waiting to be adopted. Injured and elderly dogs are least likely to find new homes.
Take me Home foundation Hungary, and its Budapest based volunteers work to heal, rehabilitate and rehome these dogs.
The two elderly dogs in the picture, Marci and Leila have lost their owner. When he passed away, they were dropped off at the local dog pound.
Our volunteers took them out and are working tirelessly to find them a great new home to live happily ever after. Therefore, they have asked Peter Göblyös, the photographer to take some pictures of Marci and Leila to introduce them to the word. Perhaps whilst sitting in a rocking chair their new owner and the dogs can together reminisce over the past.someone-is-missing-from-the-rocking-chair-2__880 someone-is-missing-from-the-rocking-chair-3__880 someone-is-missing-from-the-rocking-chair-4__880 someone-is-missing-from-the-rocking-chair-6__880 someone-is-missing-from-the-rocking-chair-7__880

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