Azores Photomanipulated Paradise!

If you haven’t visited Azores yet, it’s the highest time to repair this mistake. I can ensure you all, that you’ll be amazed by the camlness, beauty and variety of nature forms, you can find on those Portugese Islands placed in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.
I’m not surprised, that locals claim, that it is the best place to live. I think so too.
It is a paradise not only for nature lovers, surfers, trekking-freaks. It’s a paradise for photographers as well. Just go there and take a shot. I can guarantee, you will not be dissapointed…

As you know, I love to play with surreal games created in Photoshop. Here you can find some of manipulations based on materials gathered during my visits on Pico, Sao Jorge, and Sao Miguel Islands.azores-photomanipulated-paradise__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-2__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-3__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-4__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-5__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-6__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-7__880 azores-photomanipulated-paradise-10__880

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