Pigments Lined Up On Japanese Paint Supply Store’s Walls To Support Traditional Art Techniques!

In an attempt to foster Japan and Asia’s ancient painting traditions, a speciality painting supply store called Pigment has opened in Tokyo. The store features a staggering selection of more than 4,200 different pigments, 200 antique-style paintbrushes/ink sticks, 50 different kinds of animal glues, and traditional Japanese paper.

The store’s interior design is just as stunning as the supplies it offers. Architect Kengo Kuma created an open space framed by waves of bamboo sticks that looks clean, expansive and welcoming. The store is run by Warehouse TERRADA and can be found in the Shinagawa ward in Tokyo.pigment-store-paint-brush-tokyo-japan-10 pigment-store-paint-brush-tokyo-japan-11 pigment-store-paint-brush-tokyo-japan-15 pigment-store-paint-brush-tokyo-japan-211

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