This Baby Was Born With A Full Head Of Hair, Here’s How The Internet Reacted!

While most of us have a hard time deciding who we want to be, this baby’s destiny is decided. News anchor! Meet Isabelle Kaplan, a two-and-a-half-month-old baby girl who was born with a full head of hair.

The photo became a viral sensation and now people are making funny memes – obviously, because they envy her hair.

“It turned out was my cousin saw that picture on Facebook and he just thought her hair looked so funny for a baby – that it looked like a news anchor or something, and so he posted it on Reddit”

David and his wife Mackenzie don’t mind people making jokes: “We’re just kind of proud that she’s getting all this attention,” Kaplan said.hairy-baby-full-head-of-hair-isabelle-kaplan4__880 hairy-baby-full-head-of-hair-isabelle-kaplan9__880 hairy-baby-full-head-of-hair-isabelle-kaplan10__880 hairy-baby-full-head-of-hair-isabelle-kaplan-11 hairy-baby-full-head-of-hair-isabelle-kaplan-21

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