86-Year-Old Instagram Celebrity Grandma Continues To Surprise Her Followers!

The year of grannies in fashion campaigns is off to a strong start. 80-year-old novelist Joan Didion kicked things off earlier this year as the model in Celine’s recent ad campaign, Joni Mitchell then became the face of YSL, and now Baddie Winkle, an 86-year-old grandmother and Instagram sensation, is the newest model for the DimePiece L.A. brand.

While our grannies still have no idea what Instagram is and why we are using it, this granny takes selfies and uses them in her model career.cool-86-year-old-senior-baddy-winkle-22 cool-86-year-old-senior-baddy-winkle-111-605x605 cool-86-year-old-senior-baddy-winkle-141-605x605 cool-86-year-old-senior-baddy-winkle-181-605x605

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