Celebrate The 75th Birthday Of Hayao Miyazaki!

Hayao Miyazaki is a giant of animation without peer. And as it’s his 75th birthday (yesterday), let’s celebrate it with some wallpapers. After all, we could all use a daily reminder of his joyful and colorful movies in our lives – especially so when computer stuff is getting us down!

While Miyazaki’s career is over five decades in length, “ his first great success came in 1984 with the animated film “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.” This let him co-found Studio Ghibli, which quickly became the most important name in Japanese animations.

Miyazaki’s films are beautiful in style and they lack typical movie villains. Instead, the antagonists are ambiguous and have redeeming qualities. Humanizing touches like these got Mizyazaki world-wide acclaim.anime-hayao-miyazaki-birthday-wallpapers-studio-ghibli-13__880 anime-hayao-miyazaki-birthday-wallpapers-studio-ghibli-79__880 anime-hayao-miyazaki-birthday-wallpapers-studio-ghibli-83__880 anime-hayao-miyazaki-birthday-wallpapers-studio-ghibli-84-png__880 anime-hayao-miyazaki-birthday-wallpapers-studio-ghibli-109__880

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