If The 2016 US Presidential Candidates Had Beards!

Ever heard the saying “never trust someone with a beard?” Well, whether you have or you haven’t, the point is that it’s not true. Unless, of course, that person is Donald Trump. Or Hillary Clinton.

As you can see from the pictures below, the already bizarre 2016 US Presidential race just got even weirder thanks to Joshua Steimle, CEO and founder of MWI, A digital marketing company. Deciding that he wanted to know what the 2016 Presidential candidates would look like with beards while coming up with marketing ideas for a client, he decided to, well, give them all beards. Even Hillary.

As you probably imagined, the results are predictably hilarious. And also a little bit scary. Marco Rubio looks like Fidel Castro, Carly Fiorina looks like Conchita Wurst, Chris Christie looks like a Yeti, Bernie Sanders looks like an old college professor, and Hillary…well, you can decide for yourself what Hillary looks like.

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