Two Companies Release Matching Packaging That Kiss On The Shelves, LGBT Japan Approves!

Food and drink. They’re always thought of as separate things. But isn’t it about time that the two of them kissed and made up? Well apparently yes, it is, at least according to two of Japan’s most popular food and beverage companies.

Kirin, a beverage company behind many of Japan’s favorite drinks, and Glico, the maker of snacks and chocolate, have joined forces to bring you products that interact with each other. The products in question? Lemon-flavored Pocky and “teagurt”-flavored tea (yes, that’s a thing). Some of the packages kiss. Others give flowers or cakes to each other. But all of them get along in some way or another. Perhaps us humans can learn from their example!

The design has received praise from Japan’s LGBT community for its inclusive approach to packaging. Just make sure you buy the products together. Otherwise you might be responsible for breaking up a perfectly happy relationship. No pressure or anything.

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