Barcelona Floors: Photographer Inspires Us To Look Down And Discover City’s Culture!

What do you think of when you think of Barcelona? Gaudi? The Sagrada Familia? The Picasso Museum? La Rambla? Amazing football? Fantastic food? Ok, I could go on all day like this. The point is, when you think of this fantastic city you probably don’t think of the floors. But fortunately for us, German photographer Sebastian Erras does. And looking at the pictures below it’s easy to understand why.

The collection is part of a collaboration between the photographer and Pixart Printing, and the project highlights the rich artistic diversity to be found within the heart of Catalonia. The intricate mosaic patterns are vividly colored and often geometrically intricate, and many of them wouldn’t look out of place in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. So next time you’re in Barcelona, don’t forget to look down.

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