Fashion Photographer Reimagines Cars As Supermodels!

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta has gained recognition for her creative viral series in the past called “What If Girls Were Internet Browsers” and “What If Guys Were Social Networks”. Keeping up with the tradition of the thought provoking and fun photo projects this year she decided to create a series called “What If Cars Were Supermodels” that was published in a Debut Issue of a new fashion magazine called BASIC.

“I probably belong to that 1% of people who cannot see the difference between a BMW and an Aston Martin” – says Viktorija. “Every time the conversation would touch the car matters I would be completely lost. So I decided to do some research, talk to my guy friends and try to distinguish what are those most iconic and stereotypical car models that possess a very defined character. I was curious since the topic is not my strength, but as an artist I felt challenged that I can actually try and visualize the everyday objects in a human form. It was fun to really debate and argue with the boys to solidify those specific features that gives a car it’s “SOUL”. Then there was another issue that came from the girls’ side. They were upset and concerned that I am using women as objects and there went another long debate and discussion, which resulted the change of the name of the project to “What If Cars Were Supermodels” not “What if Girls Were Cars” – there is a big difference. But at the end of the day I still insisted on the idea as I don’t think shots like these should be taken so literal and be offensive, it is more of how far your imagination can go to create something people will like and smile about”.

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