How To Make Huge Snowflake Decorations For The Holidays!

Holiday season is coming and you might be ready to collect all the essential things to make it memorable. The major part is collecting the decorative for providing an appealing touch to your house. Snowflakes are an important decorative for Christmas and you can easily make them at your home following some simple steps. The huge snowflakes can be used as a decorative on the walls as well on the Christmas tree.

You will need six papers with 12×12 dimensions to make a snowflake. You can start by folding the paper into a triangle which will again be folded into a smaller triangle. You can make 4 diagonal cuts most probably 1 inch apart. Now, you can open the triangle and join the either sides using stapler. The same can be done from other side. This is 1 piece of the snowflake. You can make 5 more and stick them together to make a big snowflake.

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