Photo Of Baby Lying Next To Mom’s C-Section Scar Shows Us What Mothers Go Through!

Most women opt for a vaginal birth, as it is the most natural, but sometimes due to complications that crop up in the last minute, lot of women are forced to have a C-Section birth.

Recently, a woman developed last minute complications, and to save her child, had to go in for a C-Section delivery. She wanted an intimate photo of her child next to the C-Section scar, but did not want to be identified. Helen Aller, an UK based photographer clicked this wonderful photograph.

The mom talked about her pregnancy, and said how scared she was to have a C-Section delivery, but had no option but to say yes, to save her little one’s life.

She says there is nothing to be ashamed about, especially the Scar, and you need not feel bad that you haven’t had the baby normally. What matters most is your baby’s life, and then you will be proud of the scar.


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