Must Watch! Mother With Cancer Gets A Shocking Surprise Via Cupcakes!

A mom of 4, Sharon, in Penrith Australia has been having a tough time since some time. She runs Mrs C’s cupcakes, a cupcake store and works really hard to make ends meet. Off late she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, lost her brother recently, and her younger son is suffering from a degenerative disease.

Hence, Sharon has been finding it difficult to attend to huge medical bills. Jackie O, one of the Radio DJ’s plays a small prank and gives a wonderful surprise to Sharon.

She enters the shop with a complaint and says that the cakes that were delivered the other day were stale.

Sharon reacts very positively, professionally and is calm, and mentions that she wants to see her customers happy. Jackie delivers the box, and says Sharon should taste it herself, and when Sharon opens the box, she is in for a huge surprise. Watch out the heart touching video!

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