This Bird Saved This Cat’s Life!

Jane from Australia is a single mom to 7 year old Izzy, who dabbles in nature photography. She talks about an inspiring and amazing story about her 18-month-old cat Saskia, who had thyroid cancer and suddenly stopped eating.

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Saskia was not able to even eat normal liquid food too. This was the time when Maggie entered the lives of Jane and Izzy who brought her, as they thought that they might lose Saskia too soon. But Maggie really did wonders to their lives. She brought in oodles of liveliness around.

When Jane started throwing mince balls to Maggie for her to eat, Saskia too followed and started eating mincemeat. Jane was surprised that Saskia did not prefer cat food anymore and took to eating meat.

This made Saskia pull on for 3 more months, and Maggie was sent back. But, when Saskia was no more, and Jane’s life was gloomy again, Maggie came into their life once again to bring in the happiness and chirpiness around.

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