This Is How Scary Early Hair Dryers Looked Like!

Wonder how hair dryers looked like in the early years? Before the invention of the hair-dryer men and women attached hoses to exhaust ends of Vacuum Cleaners to blow dry their hair.

Later in 1890, a French hair Stylist Ferdinand Godefroy devised a contraption combining a seat with a hood that connected to the gas stove. A client sat under the hood, and hot hair came was blown in by the hand crank from the stove, over her hair.

This hood dryer was copied, and was widely accepted in hair salons. The first patent of a hand held hair dryer was granted in 1911. These hair dryers were used till 1970s. Later, advanced hair dryers with advanced aesthetics, power and safety features were invented which were safe and easy to use.

Metallic hair-dryer, with a young woman underneath, in the 1930's. Séchoir à cheveux métallique, avec une jeune femme en dessous, dans les années 1930.

ca. 1928 --- Woman in Beauty Parlor --- Image by © CORBIS

1929:  The new sunlight ultra-modern cubicle for hairdressing on show at the Hairdressing Fair of Fashion at London's White City.  (Photo by Puttnam /Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

The English boxer Phil Scott is now Hairdresser in Thornton Heath / London. 18th September 1930. Photograph. (Photo by Austrian Archives/Imagno/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

Lodon, England, 5th November, 1930, A woman tries out one of the latest types of hair drying machines seen at the hair dressing Fashion Fair held at Olympia in London  (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Eine neuartige Erfindung zum Trocknen der Haare. Vorf¸hrung auf der j‰hrlichen Messe in White City. Photographie. England. Um 1930. An ingenius method of drying the hair. Practical demonstrations, presented  at the annual White City Fair. Photograph. England. Around 1930.

Vorf¸hrung eines neuen Dampfapparates auf der j‰hrlichen Frisurenmesse in White City. Photographie. England. Um 1930 Demonstration of a new hair steaming apparate at White City¥s annual Hairdressing Exhibition. Photograph. England. Around 1930

22nd September 1932:  The Supreme Pedestal hairdryer being demonstrated at the Hairdressing Exhibition at Olympia, London.  (Photo by Miller/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

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