Homeless Man Saves 10 Stray Dogs, Receives Incredible Act Of Kindness

Steve a homeless man since 2001, has been a role model and an example for many a folk for his deed of great of kindness that he shows towards stray dogs.

He has helped and showered his love and affection for almost 50 dogs in the last 14 years, putting his own money for taking care of them. Alicia met Steve one day, and he was on a 2000 mile journey to Indiana with the 10 dogs in tow.

His trailer had a flat tyre, and he had put up a shade and was resting under it with his dogs. Alicia decided to cover this story, and put it on her Facebook page asking for funds to help Steve who was doing this great job.

There was an outpour of help from all corners, and people came in to offer treats, food, and even a hotel room for Steve. A kind hearted lady also drove Steve to his destination where he met his girlfriend. There, they have been associated with Angela, who runs an Organization to help homeless people and their pets.

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