This Hilariously Piggy Dances Like No One Is Watching!

Be prepared to have an inferiority complex like never before! Think of yourself as a great dancer? Well, it’s time you reconsider that after watching Pickle the pig bust some massively awesome dance moves to one of his favorite songs!

Max Dina tale, who is the lucky owner of the oh so cool 5 month old piglet posted a video of it on YouTube and shaking his rear to V.I.C.’s song “Wobble”.

Not all would consider the mini pig as an ideal pet but for those of you out there who think it’s worth the grab, mini pigs can be extremely sociable entertainers! Cute pets are a desire like no other!
P.S. Nicki Minaj has tough competition coming her way!

[jwplayer mediaid=”1370″]

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