Video: Adorable Kitten Desperately Tries To Wake Sleeping Pit Bull

The cat bites “her”, nibbles on “her” feet, pulls “her” ears, kicks “her” lightly and what not. We all know that cats are used to being fussy pets, doing all such things, but the part that amazes msny, is who this “her” is. Bella, the sleeping three legged, 5 year old Pit Bull dog is the latest victim to this adorable cat, Jack’s, “fierce actions”!

Bella is the sweetest Pit Bull dog you’ll come across. She has been a foster mother to piglets and kittens before and now is making sure, she does everything she can to make her mini-lion friend Jack, adjust to the new home (and we thought Pit Bull’s were angry creatures)! Long live their new found friendship!

[jwplayer mediaid=”1217″]

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