This Video Of A Homeless Man Reuniting With The Dog He Had To Surrender Will Melt Your Heart!

A guy based out of Missouri was suddenly into hard time when he lost his job and home. He came to know that it was just impossible for him to take care of his 3-year-old pet, Reece, a Boxer-Greyhound mix, and had to surrender his dog to the Great Plains SPCA Shelter.

He was heartbroken to part with his wonderful pet. But, soon, there were good times, things began to improve and hence the owner of the pet, checked on the animal shelter website, whether Reece was still available for adoption.

His joy knew no bounds, when he found that Reece was still there at the shelter home for adoption. He wasted no time in rushing to the place, and the reunion of Reece and his old friend was so amazing that Reece joyfully speeded into the arms of his doting friend. The video was shared on Facebook, and went viral receiving the most likes and shares.

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