Cop Pushes Elderly Man All The Way Home!

On a hot summer day, an 80 year old man was on his way back home on his motorized scooter, but very soon the battery in his scooter died, and the elderly man had no way to get back home. A policeman who saw him went up to him and what he did was something incredible.

Fort Pierce officer, Moises Costa, took hold of Jame’s scooter and pushed him all the way back home in the hot and humid sun. On the way, a passerby noticed this scene, and she was so touched by the scene, that she recorded it and posted the video online.

The video was posted online, and it received 10K views in 24 hours. The Police Officer says that he loves helping people in the community, and that’s what keeps him motivated all the time. Police have all the negative headlines surrounding them, and this fresh piece of news, really deserves applause to the Police community.

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