Video: Police Officer: “Hands up!” Baby Owl: “You wish!”

The 4th week of July has allowed us to encounter the world’s cutest standoff, between a lady police officer and a baby owl, awww.

Bolder County Sheriff’s deputy, Sophie Berman, was on regular patrolling with her fellow officers, when she saw the little owl charging directly towards them. She got off her car to converse with the owl and see what it needed.

She bends on her knees and records the oh-so-cute one on one with the baby owl. What follows, is the cutest interaction where whenever Sophie drops a question, the Northern Whet Saw Owl responded with its adorable squeaks.

The witty bird flew away once it thought the conversation was over. Watch the video of the nocturnal creature and experience its cuteness!

[jwplayer mediaid=”1090″]

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