Video: Hidden Camera Captures A Man Losing His Chicken Dinner

Pets are something we can never have enough of. They are cuddly, cute, adorable and what not, but, at times, they can be real show stealers, or maybe, food stealers.

This man, prepping his food in the kitchen, is absolutely unaware of the fact that he is being taped on a hidden camera (wonder who did that) and not only that, but is also being carefully watched by his feline housemate, his pet cat.

The cat, lurking on one of the utensil cabinets, makes the dive for the chicken dish lying on the table, while the man has his back turned towards his food

In the end, everybody is not a loser as the man, nor the cat, gets the chicken. What a sad waste…

[jwplayer mediaid=”1068″]

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