Awesome Pictures That Capture The Bond Between Humans And Nature!

We have all heard about fairy tales and fancy stories, where there are mystical characters in the nature, which are present with all their fantasy powers of witchcraft and magic. We hear about beautiful princesses and ugly beasts, and innumerable fairy tale plots for us to visualize and ponder.

When there is so much imagination, fantasy and beauty on one side, the reality, which we live in, is a City, nothing but a fortress where we have created our own comfortable zones. We are so engrossed in this fortress of reality, that we feel forests are ugly and dark, wolves attack and tear you apart and swamps swallow you.

But, we have to believe, that this is not reality, and it is just the false notion that we have created around us. To feel this connection between the humans and the nature, we must be a part of it completely.

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