This Grandma Started Running Through The Rain, And The Reason Why Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Life’s lessons sometimes are taught by the most common occurring or situations in our daily lives.

A beautiful sunshine, a rainbow, a pleasant breeze and sometimes the pitter-patter rain drops too can make us ponder about life. For some of us, when it rains, it tells us to stay indoors and complete pending things.

Some people might not be too fond of the downpour and it might irritate them and restrict them to stay indoors.

You think about doing or not doing the most silly things, like going past 100 metres to where your car is parked, and then the very thought of drenching yourself and getting your hair wet, you might not try walking into the rains.

But, when you watch this film “Light Rain”, a sure change in your perspective would be brought about, and its sure to leave an impression on your mind with its touching lessons on life.

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