Pup Has Only Half His Body, But He’ll Win Over Your Whole Heart For Sure!

Bonsai, a sweet little bundle of cuteness, born on April 17th in the Arkanas, had rare genetic disorders which could affect his quality of life.

He was born with no functional pelvis, half spine and tiny hind legs which were contracted. Doctors said, his hind legs were an issue, and amputated them in June.

The owners of Bonsai, were a little sceptical of taking care of Bonsai, and handed him over to “Friends of Emma”, a rescue Organization which helped dogs with special needs in Fortworth. Bonsai is now recovering well after his legs were amputated and luckily, he has another friend, an amputee, named Ransom, and he has bonded very happily at his new home with his new friend.

A petcaring fundraising account has been set up in Bonsai’s name to fund his expenses. There are a lot of people rooting for Bonsai’s medical treatment.

People have a slogan for Bonsai “Half the Bull Dog, Twice the Love”.

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