Forrest Gump And Mrs Gump Beatboxing Is The Funnies Video On The Internet Right Now!

When the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ was released in 1994, it changed a million lives. It was such an inspirational movie during those times that no one could afford to miss it.

What seems to be the most emotional scene between Momma Gump and his son, has been reworked upon, in which the users, ‘RealBigBoys’ have turned the heart-felt scenes into beatboxing exchange of words which have serious tones with Vocal Drum voices.

If this was a real scene in the epic movie, then the movie would have been different with an altogether different story line.

The beatboxing exchange of words is hilarious and makes you wonder, whether it was actually an emotional scene in the real movie.

[jwplayer mediaid=”616″]

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