Dog Saves This Woman Life After Crashing Her Car On A Rural Road!

Shannon was speeding too fast in her truck, when she lost control and was fishtailed near a Georgia winding road and flew out of the back window of her truck and landed at a place, too far away from the road.

The impact of her landing and fall out of the truck was so bad, that she couldn’t gather herself and walk towards the road to ask for help.

She was just in deep pain, and then she suddenly could feel a huge presence from nowhere that was breathing heavily in her face. It was a stray dog, and next what happened was something incredible. The dog tugged and pulled her body with all his might, almost for 100 feet, till he had brought her back to the road.

A vehicle saw her and stopped, and Shannon said, she could then reach out to her husband for help. Shannon says that she was all well and alive because of the adventurous and heroic deed exhibited by the four-legged hero.


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