These Guys 3D-Printed a Tank From The World War That (Thankfully) Never Happened!

Michael Sng, a lead toy maker of Singapore has created a “made-to-order” kinetic toy, and we can say that it is something more impressive than a toy at times. It is a 20-inch-tall model of a multistory walking tank and can be bought if you have $ 5000 to spare for.

The toy is assembled with 400 hand-painted 3D printed parts, Arudino-controlled motors, servos and LEDs. This walking tank is the first in the ambitious project of SNG under the “Codename Colossus project.” Sng says that if this Codename Colossus project is accepted well by the audience, and gains traction, he can go in to create more accessible and wider range of competitively priced versions of the toys for a wider range of audience.

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