This Baby Has 100,000 Followers On Facebook And Receives Presents From The Kardashians!

This eight-month-old baby has amassed 100,000 likes on Facebook and receives presents from the Kardashians.

This awesome baby is the daughter of Brisbane rapper Fortafy and his partner Shana Evers. The blue eyes baby became popular when one of the photos went viral when it was posted on Kardashian Kids Instagram.


The picture posted by the Kardashians attracted 30,000 likes and sparked the reality TV stars to send her a note.

‘It was awesome to be acknowledged and really made me proud as a parent,’ said the proud father of the baby.


The baby even got a handwritten note from the Kardashians.

It read: ‘Dear Shana, Fortafy and your beautiful daughter. Hope you love these new pieces from our Kardashian Kids collection. Xo Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.’


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