You Will Never Guess What This High School Dropout Was Able To Design!

Mitticool, which actually means ‘cool with clay’, is a company of Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a tenth-fail former laborer and tea- who created an innovative solution to a problem millions of poor face across the world – he created a low-cost refrigerator from clay!


Mansukhbhai had a traditional business of pottery making. But business was declining and he lost interest to it. He decided to focus on rooftop tile manufacturing, and an idea hit his mind one day. If tiles could be made out of clay, then why not other products?


That’s how Mansukhbhai created Mitticool, a refrigerator that can be afforded by poor people. His refrigerator has channels where water can be filled up and allowed to vaporize. His company employs 35 people and, Mitti-Cool’s products have reached countries like Africa and Dubai apart from many cities in India.

Moreover is a true hero of the modern day, his innovation has resulted in a low cost technology that does not require electricity to run!

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