These 25 Toys Are Secretly Taking Over The World, And We Have Proof

There comes a point in every non-human object’s life when it starts to turn on its master. Sure, experts have warned against creating artificial intelligence in robots for fear they would take over. However, they already have…on a small scale.

Our toys have been misused, abused, and they are tired of it. They are scaring our younger generations, and sooner or later, they will begin the robot revolution.

Until then, let’s see just how cruel and heartless these toys can be.

1. Betrayed!

2. It’s coming for us!

3. That Barbie just moved on its own!

4. Don’t put your fingers too close to this “bank.”

5. Get it AWAY!!!

6. I don’t know who’s creepier: the doll or the owner?

7. I can do that, too.

8. That creepy stare…

9. Poor dog.

10. A clown smiling.

11. All shall fear the koosh!

12. Are those…human teeth?

13. Well, he should have seen that coming.

14. This doll is under a scary spell.

15. How did she not know that was going to happen?

16. WAH!!!

17. That had to hurt.

18. I can’t tell if that’s fear or excitement.

19. What the heck is this!?

20. Poor little kid.

21. This kid hates his father’s face.

22. Don’t look away.

23. It ate her!

24. Don’t stand in front of the flying thing.

25. This baby knows that it’ll all be okay in the end.

(via funnyordie)

Beware the toys. They are coming for us. They are tired of constantly amusing us, and will strike when the time is right.

The problem is, no one knows when that will be. Perhaps it will be…NOW!

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